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Additional services

SciELO Methodology

Our SciELO Methodology related services allow the journals included in the database of (SciELO Colombia) to publish papers of high quality in the shortest possible time. We provide feedback on editorial errors found in the papers to avoid repeating them in subsequent editions. These services include:

Writing papers in HTML format and marking up the text to SciELO methodology for the selected journals. This service includes:

Open Journal System (OJS)

Open Journal System is an open-source software for the management of journals developed by the Public Knowledge Project and released under the GNU General Public License. Journals & Authors promotes the use of this system for editorial management because thanks to it, good editorial practices can be implemented that improve reliability, visibility and impact, through access to usage data such as views and downloads of the articles published. Also, OJS allows to optimize the working time of editors and reviewers and streamlines communication between editors, authors, reviewers, proofreaders and designers, among other benefits.

In Journals & Authors we offer the following services regarding OJS:

Open Conference System

Open Conference System (OCS) is an open-source solution to managing and publishing scholarly conferences online. This platform was created by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), licensed under General Public License (GNU)

OCS will allow you to create a website for your scholarly events (conferences, forums, meetings, seminars, colloquia, etc.), compose and send a call for papers and communications, assess and accept electronic submissions of papers and abstracts, allow paper submitters to edit their work, register participants, get discussions started and integrate them online after the conference.

In Journals & Authors, we offer the following services regarding OCS:


If your journal is included in Lilacs, we offer the service of inclusion of metadata of the articles in the database.

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