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Our company aims to contribute to enhancing the quality and dissemination of scientific literature. We are committed to provide researchers and journal editors with qualified services and consulting for drafting, editing, publishing, disseminating and positioning their scientific publications.

We stand by the quality and timeliness of our services, professionalism, expertise and friendly treatment. Our team is comprised of professionals in the fields of systems engineering, translation, public health, social and human sciences, advertising, library and information science, graphic and web design and financial administration.

We promote access to knowledge within the framework of good editorial practices that prevent ethical violations and encourage the reasonable growth of scientific literature.

We are always responsive to the needs of our customers and are willing to build lasting relationships with them based on trust, which allow us to implement the most effective and innovative strategies for their journal or papers.

We are headquartered in Medellin, Colombia. If you wish to quote our services, please fill in an online form or write to us to


Our Clients

RENHYD, Asociación Española de Dietistas-Nutricionistas (AED-N)
Revista Estudios Gerenciales Universidad ICESI
Perfil de Coyuntura Económica Universidad de Antioquia
Revista Lecturas de Economía Universidad de Antioquia
Perspectivas en Nutrición Humana Universidad de Antioquia
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias
Anagramas. Universidad de Medellín
Revista Ingenierías. Universidad de Medellín
Opinión Jurídica. Universidad de Medellín
Semestre Económico. Universidad de Medellín
Actualidades Biológicas. Universidad de Antioquia
Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid
Revista CS, Universidad ICESI
Revista Íkala, Universidad de Antioquia
Estudios de Filosofía, Universidad de Antioquia